New Education Paradigm

Our country’s current school system remains locked into an education paradigm that is no longer relevant for our time. At the core of the problem is that learning has been about accumulating information, rote information, fragmented subject matter, and irrelevant testing methods often unrelated to a child’s developmental needs.

Futurist Daniel Pink postulates that citizens in the twenty-first century will need to develop and use what he calls the “six high-concept, high-touch senses” that for him are more representative of the mind’s natural wholeness. He counterbalances function with design, argument with story, focus with symphony, logic with empathy, seriousness with play and accumulation with meaning. For Pink, these senses will increasingly define the challenges of the future.

Current research and collective wisdom provide us with the information and methods necessary for any child to receive a sound, healthy education. In developing an education to meet a more contemporary world view, Caulbridge Education deeply examined both learning and childhood. We believe schools must move from:

Old Paradigm vs new Paradigm

Caulbridge School leads the way in this new paradigm, providing an education for our time.

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