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About Caulbridge SchoolWhen my daughter was in school, I felt like a more effective parent because of her teacher. Parents often count their blessings when they ‘get a good teacher’ or just try to make it through the year when they don’t. Throughout my career of training educators and consulting in schools, I have met many dedicated teachers and parents who question the old system and long for a more authentic education model.

Our common sense education begins with the child in mind then asks what is needed for healthy childhood development and how we teach the cognitive, social-emotional, and sensory-motor skills in a balanced way. Since it is impossible to know what skills will be needed in their lifetime, we must equip students with the mindset, skillset, and internal architecture to navigate their world.

Your child’s internal architecture refers to their integrity, ethical thinking, initiative, compassion, and awareness. As I was speaking of the importance of these qualities, one parent remarked, “Oh, it’s like Jedi training! In the Star Wars world, the Jedi warriors’ code emphasizes self-improvement through knowledge and wisdom, and selfless service through acts of charity and citizenship.” Well, then yes, it is like Jedi training. Parents should not have to choose between strong academics and strong internal architecture (Jedi training) for their children, and I contend that you cannot really have one without the other.

At Caulbridge School, we are courageous enough to teach in ways that authentically address child development, even when contemporary education practices run contrary. When I asked a young couple what attracted them to Caulbridge, Dad simply said, “We don’t want the light in our son’s eyes to dim.” They were looking for a relevant education in a nurturing environment. I invite you to visit and see for yourself.

Warm regards,

Debra Lambrecht
Founder, Head of School


Our Story

Given the changing needs of our children and world, it becomes imperative to re-examine everything we previously assumed about education. Where once schools and parents had similar goals and expectations for children, today parents’ hopes and priorities for their children have moved beyond the child “getting the right job” to achieving an overall high quality of life.

Witnessing the growing concern of children who are ill-equipped for learning intersect with the traditional education system which has become overwhelmed and unable to adapt, a bold response is indeed required. Caulbridge education began as a desire to step back, and to answer the more fundamental questions: “What is an ideal education for our time, for the children before us today? How can we break the cycle of dysfunction? Could we start with an intention to raise happy, healthy children?” Finding the answer to these questions within both, current research and collective wisdom, we opened our first school in Marin, California as part of a larger social mission to build a network of Caulbridge Schools.

Our History and Growth:

September, 2015 – Began the school year with small, mixed-age classes in a shared-space facility and temporary location in Fairfax. This soft opening allowed for the implementation and evaluation of Caulbridge methods.

January, 2017 – Secured our beautiful nature campus in the Marinwood area. Upon moving to our new campus, we were able to add Kindergarten and focus on growing our school from the lower grades. We are adding a grade level each year until we are a full TK – 8 primary school.

September, 2019 – We expanded to include our Courtyard Campus for Grades 1-8, just 100 yards from our initial building that will become our Early Childhood Campus.

 Secured our beautiful nature campus in the Marinwood area
Early Childhood Campus San Rafael

Employment Opportunities

Good schools talk about their test scores - Great schools talk about their teachers! We hire teachers and support staff who embody our values and contribute to our school culture.

Accepting resumes for full-time and part-time teaching positions.

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