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Our Faculty

Caulbridge School recognizes the pressing need to build a strong foundation that naturally supports child development and learning. We work balance a child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and academic development, as skipping over any of these distinct areas will have consequences as your child moves through his/her school years.

Our faculty team has extensive training and expertise in:

  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology of How Children Learn
  • Healthy Child Development
  • Sensory Motor and Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Learning Styles and Differences
  • Academic Assessment and Remediation
  • Developmental Movement
  • Environmental Sciences and Nature-Based Education
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Mindfulness Practices

Meet our Faculty team for the 2020-21 School Year

Danielle Gilmore, Early Childhood Faculty Chair and Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Gilmore received her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Music Education and Master’s in Theoretical Studies from the New England Conservatory, intending to teach music theory at the college level. While pursuing her Master’s she took a summer job at a preschool and found her true passion in early childhood. Danielle has taught Middle School music, and for the past nine years has been a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Gilmore brings a wealth of experience using experiential learning, natural based learning and developmental based play. Danielle is an avid gardener and loves building new child-friendly outdoor spaces.

Nori Rupp, Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Rupp has a degree in Communications and Cultural Organizations from VJRKTF College in Hungary where she grew up. Nori worked as an Au Pair and child care provider, as well as held various administrative roles, and assisted in the classrooms at her local school district. Here at Caulbridge, she has been the Assistant Kindergarten Teacher as well as Math and Language Arts skills groups for Kindergarten, Grades One and Two and this year serves as Kindergarten Teacher and continues to teach Math and Language Arts skills class for Kindergarten and the Grades. Ms. Rupp is creative when developing student activities and is known for her engaging class projects that support the thematic units being taught.

Paula Strand, Transitional Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Ms. Strand holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and Physics secondary education from the University of Minnesota and has taught high school chemistry, physics and biology. She worked as a substitute teacher while she traveled the United States with her Naval Aviator husband and their children. Paula has been a life-long community leader and volunteer. She served on several Boards in her church, youth organizations and Redwood High School Foundation. She has been a Scout leader, Hall Middle School, Grad Night committee, and was Volunteer of the Year at Redwood High School in 2018. Paula enjoys hiking, reading, piano and adult community education classes

Maddie Brown, Class Teacher, Grade One

Ms. Brown recently completed her California Teaching Credential coursework requirements and has previously worked as an instructional assistant for students with diverse learning styles. Maddie is the owner and lead teacher of Ventures Outdoor Education and has developed a variety of classes including nature art, wilderness skills, movement, communication, geocaching, botany and geography. She has also taken groups of students on backpacking trips and personal challenge adventures. Ms. Brown taught outdoor kindergarten as a Tinkergarten Leader; she taught Martial Arts in a preschool setting as well as worked as Youth Program Manager and private lessons instructor in a Karate Academy. Maddie is an avid nature lover, always exploring new trails and ecosystems.

Clare Traub, Class Teacher, Grade Two

Ms. Traub studied at both Oxford and Exeter Universities in England, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and French with an emphasis on child development and language learning. She then completed several years of intensive training in embodied learning, somatic education, and art therapy at the Tamalpa Institute. Clare has been a Kindergarten teacher, Mindfulness teacher and Independent Study teacher where she incorporated learning strategies tailored to each student. Fostering a child’s academic, sensory motor and social emotional learning has been a focused priority while teaching in a variety of settings throughout her career.  Clare enjoys nature, hikes and time with her family.  

Nettie Faville, Class Teacher, Grade Three

Ms. Faville studied Early Childhood Education at College of Marin and has spent more than 30 years teaching preschool and kindergarten. Beyond the early childhood years, Nettie has extensive experience teaching and developing curriculum for older students that support children in academics, creative arts and social skills. Ms. Faville was the owner and program director of Kinder Nest, a private on-campus aftercare program serving 90 families with children aged kindergarten through fifth grade. As a lifelong educator, she is always contributing to the well-being of children and providing a developmentally appropriate environment that allows each child to succeed.

Laura Hamblett, Grades Faculty Chair and Class Teacher, Grades Four and Five

Ms. Hamblett holds a K-12 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Dominican University, and Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in both Spanish and History with an emphasis in Latin American Studies. Laura has taught in preschool, kindergarten and the elementary grades for about 15 years, along with serving as an aid for students with learning challenges and special needs within an inclusive classroom. Ms. Hamblett was nominated by the parent community at Reed School District for the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Outstanding Education Award, citing her exceptional classroom demeanor and relationship to the students. Laura and her family live in a rural setting where they enjoy 16 pets, including fish, dogs, rabbits, and the word is they are adopting more!

Sally Jordan, Class Teacher, Grade Six

Ms. Jordan holds a Master’s in Science Degree in Multicultural Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education Psychology, as well as Certifications for TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Linguistics, CLAD (Cross-cultural, Language, ad Academic Development) Multi-Subject Professional K-8. Sally has taught across the grades, K-8 as a classroom teacher, guest teacher, substitute teacher, and worked one-on-one with students experience learning challenges to support their academic and developmental progress.

Kim Palmer, Middle School Curriculum Support and Lead Teacher, Schooling at Home Program

Ms. Palmer holds a Master’s of Arts Degree in English, a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science Degree in Educational Counseling. She has also trained in Applied Behavior Analysis. Kim has developed curriculum at the Middle School, High School and College levels where she was the English Instructor for English Curriculum Specialist at MTI College. She has taught English, Humanities and Writing and served as faculty advisor to high school creative writing club, literature review magazine and student counsel. Ms. Palmer has worked with every level of learner, from preschool through college and vocational school students. She enjoys spending time in nature, yoga, reading, and making memories with her daughter.

Tess Rubinstein, Art Teacher

Ms. Rubinstein is a multidisciplinary artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Northwest Collage of Art with a focus in illustration and printmaking; and at University of Vermont had an emphasis on Environmental Studies. As a freelance artist, her clients include UCSF Medical Center, Corporate Accountability, Oregon Humanities and Wildcraft Studio School, as well as several solo art exhibitions. Tess has taught textile arts, design and processes of printing to graduate and undergraduate students. Ms. Rubinstein has been an Artist in Residence at Google, KALA Art Institute and now, the first Artist in Residence at Caulbridge School. Growing up on Mt. Tam, Tess appreciates the hiking and beautiful nature of this area.

Danielle Gilmore, Gardening Teacher

Ms. Gilmore has experience in developing a school garden and edible gardens where children love to eat what they grow, even Kale. She loves to cook with students and help them understand where their food comes from. Danielle enjoys teaching the essentials of gardening, plant cycles and preparing the soil. Ms. Gilmore has been instrumental in the creation of outdoor play areas that engage a child’s imagination.

Lucas Degiulio, Movement / Games / PE Teacher

Mr. Degiulio holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Lucas has taught art, environmental sciences, games/movement for children in Kindergarten through Middle School. He has served as a travel guide and lead expeditions to national parks, historical sites, organic farms and natural landmarks through the country. In addition to teaching studio art, Mr. Degiulio is an accomplished artist himself, winning the Headlands Center for the Arts 2017-18 Tournesol Award which recognizes one local painter each year in the Bay Area. Lucas enjoys backpacking, hiking, nature, and the arts.

Derek Rubinstein, Psy.D., School Psychologist

Bringing over 14 years of education and training in the mental health field, Dr. Rubinstein has been dedicated to learning the most effective approaches for helping children, adolescents, and families get the support they need to overcome challenges and thrive. Dr. Rubinstein received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a holistic practice-focused program that combines the latest scientific research with the world’s great wisdom traditions. He has worked as an autism clinician and researcher, a therapist at San Rafael High School, and has provided therapy and psycho-educational assessments at three community mental health clinics in San Francisco. Dr. Rubinstein has also published research on the development and implementation of school-based social clubs for kids on the autism spectrum, animal-assisted group therapy for adults, and his doctoral thesis was on the benefits of learning and practicing mindfulness for adolescents. Outside his role as a psychologist, Dr. Rubinstein has worked as a youth mentor, camp counselor, and has been an active volunteer in Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s family program. He also enjoys photography and being in the great outdoors rock climbing, camping, hiking, and skiing.

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