Being an ‘Intentional Misfit’ Can Be Good Parenting!

The rise in childhood disorders is unstoppable – psychological, emotional, behavioral, social and learning disorders. With so many overlapping crises in our time, childhood trauma is overtaking this generation, and no one is immune. One of the three pillars of our school philosophy is that, “Childhood is a distinct and valid time in and of itself… Children are not miniature adults; they have a unique set of needs for healthy development.” Under the weight of multiple and mounting pressures that we’re all facing, childhood as we’ve known it is collapsing – and the consequences are undeniable.

As our children’s world is increasingly anxious, they are ill-equipped to handle all that is coming at them. Frankly, adults are also struggling to keep up during this fearful time of so many unknowns. Given the sentiments of our time, it begs the question: What parent would want to go along with the status quo and stay on this runaway train?

Instead, we must create our child’s world as a safe harbor in which to grow and mature that matches their physical, intellectual and social developmental capabilities. When holding an infant, we support their head because those reflexes and muscles are not strong enough. We don’t let a four-year-old use power tools or give a ten-year-old the car keys, because we understand they are not able to manage this responsibility.

Yet, our children are expected to face worldly anxieties that are far beyond their ability to understand. Students have been plugged into online learning, isolated from friends and relatives, falling prey to addictive technologies, told there is a new minefield of threats awaiting them, and are often fending for themselves in a household where everyone is trying to cope, all while they are expected to adapt as if this is the new normal. The world is asking too much of our young ones and side-stepping this crucial time of development.

When it comes to your children, are you willing to go against the grain and get off the runaway train? If so, you may be an intentional misfit who understands the need to protect children from the uncertainties of the world. And, if so, you’re probably instilling similar values in your child, encouraging them to find their authentic way in the world.

At Caulbridge School we understand the needs of children and create a learning environment that is safe, calm and engaging. We teach academics according to skill level, not grade level, meeting the needs of those students who are ready for more advanced academics, as well as those who are struggling and need to reinforce their skills. Matching a child’s learning environment to their brain/body development strengthens their ability to be successful at school and in their lives long after their education ends.

Join with parents who believe that childhood is too important, and who will do what it takes to avoid the risks of current trends spiraling out of control. Caulbridge School organizes the education environment to empower your child’s success, both academically and social-emotionally, rather than failing your child for faults of an inadequate system.

We’re proud to be a school that attracts intentional misfit parents!