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Building Your Child’s Internal Architecture

Debra Lambrecht, Founder, Caulbridge Education | March 28, 2018

Your child’s internal architecture refers to their integrity, ethical thinking, initiative, compassion and awareness. The foundation for this internal architecture begins at an early age and must be built upon an underlying sense of trust and safety. Only when a child experiences the world as a safe place will they be able to fully develop these vital personal characteristics and higher-order thinking skills.

In the same way that you would not put a new roof on a building with a shaky foundation, you must first shore up the foundation before addressing a child’s learning and development.

For the young child, a sense of trust and safety is cultivated through familiar routines, consistency of adult interactions, and plenty of unscheduled time for natural exploration and free play.

At school, children learn best with structure, warmth and encouragement. Trust and safety is fostered when a child feels respected and heard, understands what is expected of them and can depend on the structure and boundaries set forth. Schools must be unwavering in the task of providing an emotionally safe environment for children. Positive relationships, structured academics, time in nature, uncluttered classrooms, mindfulness, low technology and explicit teaching all help to build the internal architecture of our students at Caulbridge School.