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Theme: Self-Efficacy & Agency

The Cost of a Missed Childhood

Child Development, Self-Efficacy & Agency | March 17, 2019

Please enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming book, A Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times: Caulbridge. In writing the chapter, The Cost of a Missed Childhood, I reached out to Derek Rubinstein, Psy.D. who has a psychotherapy practice in San Francisco and San Rafael, working with adults, children and families. We are fortunate to have […]

Your Child’s Self-Regulation is Not Just Self-Control

Child Development, Neuroscience, Self-Efficacy & Agency | February 9, 2019

Self-regulation relates to your child’s ability to successfully participate in the classroom, take turns, understand social cues, make good decisions and be a good friend. Defined as the ability to manage one’s behavior, emotions, thoughts

50% of Children Will Not Be Able to Cope. How to Make Sure Yours Will.

Child Development, Engaging the Senses, Self-Efficacy & Agency | August 29, 2018

Fifty percent of our current population of children will be diagnosed with anxiety, depression or a mood disorder by the time they are 18. While all children will experience stress and anxiety,

Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times

Child Development, Learning & Teaching, Self-Efficacy & Agency, Updates | April 23, 2018

In these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty, we cannot begin to know the world our children will inherit. How, then do we trust that we are effectively preparing them? Sometimes in an effort to accelerate

Building Your Child’s Internal Architecture

Child Development, Learning & Teaching, Self-Efficacy & Agency | March 28, 2018

Your child’s internal architecture refers to their integrity, ethical thinking, initiative, compassion and awareness. As I was speaking of the importance of these qualities, one parent remarked, “Oh, it’s like Jedi training! In the Star Wars world, the Jedi warriors’ code emphasizes self-improvement through knowledge and wisdom, and selfless service through acts of charity and […]

Animal Tracking as Literacy!

Engaging the Senses, Neuroscience, Self-Efficacy & Agency, Updates | November 7, 2017

Observation skills are at the core of problem solving, in that one must first identify the problem and all its components before finding solutions that make the most sense. This skill transfers over to a student’s ability to read a situation, notice both the obvious and the more subtle signs, and then develop conclusions based […]

Kids are ALWAYS on Their Best Behavior

Child Development, Self-Efficacy & Agency, Updates | October 13, 2017

Surely a child yelling ‘I hate you’ or throwing shoes around the room is not their best behavior. At that moment, yes, it is. Infants will cry to let us know they are hungry or need our help to meet their needs.

Caulbridge School

When Your Child is Happy at School, You’ll be Happy Too!

Child Development, Learning & Teaching, Self-Efficacy & Agency, Updates | March 30, 2017

There is still time to find the right education. Caulbridge School answers the call of forward thinking families who want more for their children; parents who want a relevant education in a nurturing environment.

Teaching Kids to Love What They Hate: Why it’s essential

Child Development, Learning & Teaching, Self-Efficacy & Agency, Updates | January 10, 2017

You may have heard ‘I hate math’ or ‘I’m not good at reading’. Learning is a natural process for children, so when they resist learning they may be telling us something much more significant

Young boy speaking in front of class

Caulbridge School teaches Oracy

Learning & Teaching, Self-Efficacy & Agency | September 16, 2016

Oracy includes speaking and listening skills, rhetorical techniques, self-regulation and presence. Can a student look you in the eye, listen to another’s perspective and offer a reasoned point of view?