COVID-19 Response

Open for In-Person Classes!

Caulbridge School is providing in-person learning for the 2020-21 school year. Students will return to school five days a week on our expansive campus in a nature setting, following any necessary safety guidelines, while having a healthy childhood experience. Parents can return to work and to being full-time moms and dads rather than teachers!

We have prepared an overview of our COVID-19 response, which includes considerations and school safety measures put in place for:

  • Student Safety and Well-being
  • Healthy Environments
  • Incident Response

The full COVID-19 response document is available for review here.

Your child’s safety, well-being and school success is most important, and there are no unimportant questions at this time of so much conflicting information. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

“We want to commend you on your thoughtful plan to re-open. Due to our professional expertise, we are probably a little more knowledgeable than most about the dangers of this virus. You have clearly consulted with experts to generate a comprehensive plan.

Kudos to you and for reinforcing our decision to enroll Sebastian in Caulbridge.”

Albert & Rhonda
(Caulbridge Parents and Bio-Scientists)

Albert R Davalos, PhD, Founder & CEO, Senectud Biotech
Rhonda Hanson-Davalos, Associate Director, Genentech

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