Daily Schedule

3 Frames of Learning in the school day

Daily Schedule TK / Kindergarten – Grades 1-5 – Middle School

The daily schedule is designed around the needs of children, in support of optimal learning and healthy development. Longer class periods allow for varied activities in approaching the subject content and fewer transitions within the day.

Daily Schedule for TK / Kindergarten

Daily Schedule for 1st through 5th Grades

Daily Schedule for Middle School

Wilderness Day

Once a month our students spend the entire day learning wilderness and primitive skills such as fire building, knife safety, animal tracking, and having plain-old fun in nature with Ms. Pombo, our certified tracker and wilderness teacher.

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Your child has both a math and language arts brain. We work to support healthy brain development and strengthen learning. Explicit teaching in a systematic way will build the codes of math and all learning.

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We teach math and language arts by skill level rather than by grade level; meeting all children where they are academically.

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Sensory Motor

Children are physical beings and use all their senses to learn. They process, integrate, and act upon information with their entire bodies. Sensory-motor skills, body awareness, maturing reflexes, spatial perception, and focused attention are directly related to a child’s capacity for learning.

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Academic success and positive self-concept are related: We focus on both. Children do not learn when they are socially or emotionally anxious, fearful, or dysregulated. Being confident in their social skills allows a student to engage in class.

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