Middle School Electives

ARTS are essential for adolescent development.

Working with the hands in rhythmical movements promotes mental operations of logic, reaching conclusions, forming judgements, and comprehension. Working with high-quality, all-natural materials also calms the nervous system and further develops intelligence which is formed through activity, movement, and manual dexterity.

Practical arts have a way of strengthening the inner initiative by bringing a warming balance to a student’s physical and cognitive expression. Our physics curriculum teaches us that everything is propelled by warmth: gasoline/combustion fuels our cars, the sun fuels the plants, and healthy food fuels our bodies. intellect and thinking forces are cooling in nature. Pure intellectual thinking may bring about ideas or solutions that, without warmth of the human heart, may not really work for humanity.

Ceramics | Culinary Arts | Digital Arts | Fiber Arts | Woodworking

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