Learning is Acting in New Ways

Learning is the foundation for a human being to act and behave in new ways. While information alone can be valuable, learning develops a capacity to translate information into knowledge, knowledge into understanding, understanding into wisdom, and any of these into action. At the same time, acting or behaving in new ways can support healthy brain development and influence learning. Children experience the world through the senses; then interpret those experiences through the intellectual and emotional body, which leads to action.

Sensory processing and learning disorders are on the rise, with a recent study suggesting that one in six children experiences sensory challenges sufficient to disrupt their academic, social and/or emotional development. Whether these challenges result from environmental influences or a child’s particular circumstances, schools have become overwhelmed with special needs students, which in recent years has led to the growth of a relatively new industry of educational therapists, sensory integration specialists or occupational therapists offering services outside of school.

Caulbridge School integrates healthy sensory practices into the regular lessons and activities to support the student’s balanced development.