Meeting Children’s Needs for School and Well-Being at Caulbridge

Protecting our children from the fear and uncertainty in this time of pandemic is as important as preventing transmission of disease. Caulbridge School is uniquely positioned to do both. We are integrating current public health tools meant to prevent transmission, with our practices for a child’s well-being and school success.

We can absolutely keep children safe without traumatizing them. You may have been horrified seeing recent images of isolating young children, by confining them to a square of chalk drawn on a blacktop playground, with their classmates in another square some six feet away.

Distancing does not mean that all children remain six feet apart all day, but rather that we have a class of 12 students who distance together similar to what you’ve practiced with your own family. Each class becomes a ‘family’ cohort for the purpose of contact tracing. If there is a positive case reported within the cohorts, it can be isolated and only those directly impacted will need to be out of school for a few days. You may have found a way for your family to spend time with another family, keeping distance at a neighborhood park. Situated on hundreds of acres of nature, Caulbridge students routinely learn and play outdoors where they will be able to enjoy their school community while staying safe.

Nature and fresh air are recognized as essential for the well-being of children, where recirculated air can cause a virus to linger. Our school building is equipped with three commercial grade whole house fans which draws fresh air from the eucalyptus groves and natural open space, replacing the inside air daily with naturally purified air, not recirculated air.

Children under the age of 12 are not required nor expected to wear masks at school. Teachers wear masks as appropriate when moving outside of their distanced class of students.

With our rigorous safety and sanitation regimes, adequate number of classrooms, expansive outdoor space and conscientious adults, Caulbridge School can support your child’s well-being and school success. We will open in the Fall as scheduled and be assured, we have response plans for other emergency situations should they arise. To learn more about our specific protocols and to check availability for your children, please contact us at or schedule your individual family tour now.

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