Middle School with a Child Development Perspective

Early adolescence (the 11-14 year old) is characterized by rapid physiological and psychological changes. This is when children are increasingly able to form abstract concepts, to understand cause and effect, and have a strong desire to ‘take hold of’ and conquer the world around them. Peers become ever more influential at this age, so it’s an important time to develop effective interpersonal and social skills.

Middle School is a pivotal time in a student’s life. During this time children begin to experience the power of their own thought. They can have a strong sense of worldly idealism that is often juxtaposed to their individual sensitivities and vulnerabilities. Caulbridge uses a child development perspective and works to develop child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and cognitive skills in a balanced way. This balance is fundamental to success in high school, college and overall quality of life!

Entering middle school can trigger new concerns for your child or unleash new strengths. Whether your child is entering TK/Kindergarten or Middle School, Caulbridge School can help support a healthy childhood.

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