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Our Foundational Principle #3: Learning is Physiological and Begins in the Body. Caulbridge School understands that movement = learning. More than simple exercise, developmental movement helps calm the nervous system, balance emotions and organize the sensory inputs that build a healthy brain/body connection. This strong foundation of learning in the early grades prepares the brain for more abstract thinking and higher-level reasoning. For optimal learning, developmental movement practices are intentionally embedded in student activities throughout our school day.

Marin Private School, grades TK – 8 in a beautiful nature setting. Caulbridge School uses a child development perspective and works to develop a child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and academic skills in a balanced way.

Parents and Educators in the Corte Madera and Larkspur area are saying,

“Instead of a child that came home from school un-regulated and un-focused, I now had a child that came home completely calm, happy and eager to keep learning. Now he is in 1st grade at Caulbridge School, and his aptitude for numbers and math is shining through.  He continues to impress me with his burgeoning vocabulary: “disintegrate” and “evaporate” are examples. We are so grateful for this school’s common sense approach to learning, where kids have movement breaks, access to nature, and each child’s interests and abilities can be fully realized. Thank you Caulbridge!”       

Stephanie Williams, Development Manager, North Marin Community Services

“Every morning our son wakes up excited to go to school and comes home every evening happily sharing new things he has learned with us. His teacher knows exactly how to engage with him to help him learn the best. We’re very happy to find Caulbridge School.

Tomoko Isogai, RN, School District Nurse at San Francisco Unified School District

Serving families from Larkspur and Corte Madera; along with communities throughout all of Marin and the greater San Francisco Bay area.

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Featuring Parent-Child Nature Classes, Homeschool Program, Sensory and Academic Screenings

Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times

The Book:

Whether your child is entering TK / Kindergarten, Middle School or is still in diapers, this is a must read!

Learn how Caulbridge School can support a healthy childhood.

A Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times: Caulbridge, by Debra Lambrecht

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