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We are preparing children for a time of new paradigms, for jobs that have not yet been created, for unknown challenges and undiscovered solutions. In these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty, our world needs adaptive thinkers with strength of heart and character.

Marin Private School, grades TK – 8 in a beautiful nature setting. Caulbridge School uses a child development perspective and works to develop a child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and academic skills in a balanced way.

Parents and Educators in the Novato area are saying,

“Our son has been thriving with the smaller class size and more individualized attention as well as the focus on daily physical activity and outdoor time for learning and playing. And, despite the smaller class size, the socialization aspects of school are continually practiced and developed at Caulbridge School because of the group learning and activities. As business owners ourselves, we were attracted to the idea of a school that has combined the best of the other education models and created what I have affectionately told others “is the school you would create if you were building your own school.” We are seeing first-hand that a happy child is a more eager learner and we are all happy with our decision to switch to Caulbridge School.”       

Paula Lawhon, Lawhon Law &Mediation, P.C.

“This school has been instrumental in the positive development of my son who truly needed a school and teachers to mold to him, not him molding to the system. The teachers are full of love, support, and each one has a special bond with him. He is excelling and we look forward to our daughter joining him soon. What a lifesaver Caulbridge has been for us!”

James Knowles & Monica Egan, Monarch Chiropractic

Serving families from Novato to Tiburon; along with communities throughout all of Marin and the greater San Francisco Bay area.

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Featuring Parent-Child Nature Classes, Homeschool Program, Sensory and Academic Screenings

Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times

The Book:

Whether your child is entering TK / Kindergarten, Middle School or is still in diapers, this is a must read!

Learn how Caulbridge School can support a healthy childhood.

A Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times: Caulbridge, by Debra Lambrecht

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