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Our common sense education begins with the child in mind then asks what is needed for healthy childhood development and how we teach the cognitive, social-emotional, and sensory-motor skills in a balanced way. Since it is impossible to know what skills will be needed in their lifetime, we must equip students with the mindset, skillset, and internal architecture to navigate their world.

Marin Private School, grades TK – 8 in a beautiful nature setting. Caulbridge School uses a child development perspective and works to develop a child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and academic skills in a balanced way.

Parents and Educators in the San Rafael area are saying,

“To be honest, I was nervous about moving Valentino from public school to private school.  My wife really felt Val needed a change because he wasn’t learning.  But we had spent a lot of time establishing his IEP and I felt that we might not get the attention he needed in private school.  I was completely wrong.  Caulbridge School is such a better fit for our son. We couldn’t be happier.”

Michael Alvarado, MD, UCSF Surgeon, Assistant Professor of Surgery

“Caulbridge has empowered my children to excel where they are gifted while getting the attention where they need support. We are so impressed with the academic growth our boys have experienced during their time at Caulbridge!”

Shea Morgan, Young Life Area Director, Marin County, CA

“As a psychotherapist, I see the impact of our non-adaptive educational system on people from all walks of life. Our fast-changing world is making ever-increasing demands on all of us. Ms Lambrecht is insightful as she eloquently presents a new model of education that I believe will go a long way in contributing to raising happy, healthy children.”

  Vicki Goodman, MA, LMFT

Serving families from San Rafael to Mill Valley; along with communities throughout all of Marin and the greater San Francisco Bay area.

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Featuring Parent-Child Nature Classes, Homeschool Program, Sensory and Academic Screenings

Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times

The Book:

Whether your child is entering TK / Kindergarten, Middle School or is still in diapers, this is a must read!

Learn how Caulbridge School can support a healthy childhood.

A Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times: Caulbridge, by Debra Lambrecht

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