The Questions All Parents are Asking before School Opens Again

On every parent’s mind is the concern over academic slide, social isolation, anxiety, vaccinations and masks for children. Here’s our response to your concerns.

Academic Slide – Any child entering third grade who essentially has not been in the regular academic and school routines for over a year, will be ill-equipped to pick right up at grade level. Unlike most schools that are limited by strict teaching and testing guidelines, Caulbridge School teaches math and language arts by skill level rather than grade level to meet the needs of those students who are ready for more advanced academics, as well as those who are struggling and need more structured support. Once the foundational reading skills and basic math facts are solid, children often progress quite quickly. It is impossible however, for children to learn third grade math when they have not mastered the basic first or second grade level expectations. Even middle schoolers will need review of the foundational skills this year. Our goal is academic strength, not academic stress.
Caulbridge School uses a developmental approach and works to balance a child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and academic skills in a balanced way, because to skip over any of these distinct areas will have consequences as your child moves through their school years.

Social isolation, anxiety and regression in children – After a year of traumatic times, children are struggling with big emotions and experiencing regression in their social-emotional and sensory-motor development. School age children are coping or seeking sensory relief which shows up as regressed behaviors like thumb sucking, tantrums, not speaking, not listening, becoming fearful of people and debilitating anxiety in social settings.
The learning and maturation process of middle schoolers relies on their social connections and furthering their unfolding identity. Self-harm and high-risk behaviors by Middle Schoolers have risen as much as 30% in response to the disruptions during these critical formative years.
Social-emotional development goes hand in hand with academic development. Children do not learn when they are socially or emotionally anxious, fearful, or dysregulated. Being confident in their own social skills allows a student to engage in class. Learn more about the risks of childhood anxieties and how we support children’s well-being in Being an ‘Intentional Misfit’ Can Be Good Parenting.

Masks – As a private school, Caulbridge is able to establish and enforce mask policies for students based on their health care needs. Masks for students at Caulbridge School will be optional. Students may choose to wear masks indoors which will be supported by the staff. Faculty and other vaccinated employees are not required to wear masks indoors while actively performing their teaching duties. Any guests on campus are asked to wear a mask indoors.

Caulbridge School is now enrolling. School starts September 8, 2021 – schedule a private tour today.

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