The Right Learning Environment Matters.

Struggling with academics or socially at school is a strong indicator your child’s needs are not being met. Switching schools, especially mid-year or for the second time, might seem too stressful for a child. On the contrary, our experience is that when it’s the right fit, children immediately respond in a positive way.

Parents who have made the switch mid-year will tell you:

“My son has never been so happy to go to school, it has brought me to tears to see this so soon.” (7th grader, on the third day)

“Mom, I feel like a normal kid again.” (1st grader after the first day)

“She was awake, dressed and at the breakfast table at 6:45 this morning, excited for school.” (4th grader, morning of her second day)

“Mom, I feel happy in my mind and my whole body” (7th grader after one week)

Caulbridge School works to balance a child’s sensory-motor, social-emotional and academic skills in a balanced way, because to skip over any of these distinct areas will have consequences as your child moves through their school years. Social-emotional development goes hand in hand with academic development. Children do not learn when they are socially or emotionally anxious, fearful, or dysregulated. Being confident in their own social skills allows a student to engage in class.

Caulbridge School teaches math and language arts by skill level rather than grade level to meet the needs of those students who are ready for more advanced academics, as well as those who are struggling and need more structured support. Our goal is academic strength, not academic stress.

Time in nature, developmental movement throughout the school day and artistic activities all help to regulate the nervous system and integrate a child’s senses, which is essential to learning. The right environment makes all the difference for a student, which means parent’s worries also disappear. If you find yourself compromising just to make it through the school year, it may be time to explore your options.

Private TK-8th school in Marin. Enrolling for second semester as space is available.

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