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“Children are physical beings and take in all the information through their senses. We teach through the senses and therefore we incorporate and can address all kinds of different learning styles.”

“We teach math and language arts by skill level, not by grade level because we’re looking for a solid academic foundation. We want academic strength, not academic stress. A solid academic foundation for children is critical because children naturally lean into learning. And if they don’t something is in the way.”

“We work to develop the academic, social-emotional, and sensorimotor skills in a child in a balanced way because to skip over any of those would have consequences on who they are as a learner.”

“In this more-new-now world of technology, children have shortened attention spans. Traditional schools have met that by breaking up the classrooms into shorter pieces until it’s almost a game-like environment, trying to capture the attention of students. We do just the opposite. We have longer class periods because we want to build attention, we want to build the ability to focus in our children.”

“We’re committed to teaching process because this is the first generation of children growing up being able to push a button here and something happens over there. It is messing with their thinking. They have a reduced tolerance for delayed gratification, the ability to understand complex relationships. We teach process because critical thinking, higher level thinking, requires the ability to access cause-and-effect relationships.”

“We want children to go beyond rote memorization because we believe that learning is the ability to translate information into knowledge. At Caulbridge, we take the long view: we want them to carry this enthusiasm for learning with them for a lifetime, way beyond their years at Caulbridge School.”

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