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When it Comes to Learning, The Mind Follows The Body

Debra Lambrecht, Founder, Caulbridge Education | January 22, 2018

Preparing the body for learning is much like an athlete warming up before any physical undertaking. These warm-up activities bring more blood and oxygen flow to the brain, focusing energy into the task at hand.

Children are physical beings and use all of their senses to learn. Only when the muscles, organs and brain are working in sync with each other, is the body ready for learning.

When adrenaline builds up due to anxiety or sensitivities, the body goes into hyper-alert and the mind shuts down. A rush of adrenaline might help us cross the finish line or warn us of danger, yet that same adrenaline can get trapped in the body bringing increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition to the familiar tantrums, meltdowns or social-emotional challenges, this accumulated stress hormone may also be evident by your child’s sleeping, eating, or learning habits.

You know when your child is in the midst of a tantrum, that it becomes impossible for them to hear you.  Only when the body becomes calmed or re-regulated can the behavior shift.

Caulbridge School understands that children can get locked into rigid behaviors and habits where it becomes impossible to take in new information. Developing a child’s ability to learn and shifting behaviors toward a growth mindset requires warm-up activities, both physically and emotionally. Children do best with structure, warmth and encouragement.


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