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It’s Worth the Time to Find the Right Education for Your Child.

Debra Lambrecht, Founder, Caulbridge Education | April 15, 2018

  • Do you find yourself relieved that the end of the school year is approaching?
  • Are you thankful that summer will be a respite from struggles with your child who resists going to school every morning?
  • Are you hoping your child will ‘mature’ over the summer and next year will be a fresh start?
  • Are you holding your breath hoping a different teacher will relate better to your child?
You’re not alone. Many parents send their children off to school assuming it will be fine if they could just make a good friend.
It can be counter intuitive to seek other educational options after spending so much time trying to adjust our child’s attitude. Especially if their older sibling is doing fine, it is completely logical to assume they will too.
Struggling at school is often a strong indicator that a child’s needs are not being met.
Caulbridge School works to balance a child’s sensory motor, social-emotional, and cognitive development in a healthy sensory environment. Children who struggle with the over stimulation, chaotic schedules and disjointed lessons in the traditional school setting will benefit from our approach.
Would your child be supported by smaller class sizes with a multi-sensory, nature and experiential approach to learning?