Your Child’s Hierarchy of Needs for School Success

The chart below compares the basic needs for human development and a child’s school success.

Your Child's Hierarchy of Needs for School Success.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs reminds us that only when the basic physiological and safety needs are met, can one develop a healthy self-concept and achieve self-actualization.

Caulbridge School works to meet the foundational sensory-motor and social-emotional needs in support of sound academic development. Without a child’s basic sense that their world is a safe place, or a well-developed body/brain connection, learning will be a struggle. Intellectual and cognitive capacities develop naturally from a child’s well-integrated sensory experiences, body awareness and gross and fine motor skills. The ability to learn is based on this hierarchy, whether learning to read, to build a birdhouse or be a friend.

Caulbridge resists the trend to skip over essential childhood brain development for more simple and short-sighted goals because to skip over any of these distinct areas will have consequences as a child moves through their school years.

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